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All Handi-Scram™ Events are 'Net Scrambles' i.e. the best tee shot is selected and both players hit again from this position. This continues from each of the next best positions into the hole. The team records only one 'Score'. The difference between this 'Score. and par is the team's 'Gross' score. Adding the team's Handi-Scram™ Handicap to the 'Gross' score produces the team's 'Net' score which is used in ranking the team for the event. For example, if your team's 'Handicap' is minus 4 and you shoot '6 under par' for the round your 'Net' score is '10 under par'.  Ties are resolved by matching cards and/or chip-off.

Registration is free and entitles you to play in any  Handi-Scram™ event but never obligates.  All prizes are 'Net', NO 'Gross' prizes, so all teams are viable contenders.  Team handicaps are maintained at no cost and are always available by entering the Team Number or Team Name at:

Initial Handi-Scram™ team handicaps:
 A team playing in its first Handi-Scram™ tournament will be assigned a handicap as follows:

  • If both team members have GHIN handicaps the Initial Handi-Scram™ team handicap will be one third of the average of the two players' GHIN handicaps.
  • If only one of the team members has a GHIN handicap the Initial Handi-Scram™ team handicap will be one third of the GHIN player's handicap.
  • If neither of the team members have a GHIN handicaps the Initial Handi-Scram™ team handicap is scratch (i.e. 0).

After their first event the team's Handi-Scram™ handicap is re-computed as the average difference between their 'Gross' scores and the lowest gross, or 'Best-Ever-Gross', score achieved by any team in any Handi-Scram™ event.  Say your 'Gross' score in your team's first Handi-Scram™ contest is '1 under' and the 'Best-Ever-Gross' was '16 under' your team's 'Handicap' is reset to minus 15.  By normalizing to the 'Best-Ever-Gross', everyone is on the same scale so each team is sure they will be competitive in any event anywhere in the nation. As the team plays in more Handi-Scram™ Events their 'Handicap' becomes the running average of their last three 'Gross' scores compared to the Handi-Scram™ 'Best-Ever-Gross' score.  The Handi-Scram™ database is updated daily so all team's 'Handicaps' are current.  If some team somewhere posts a better 'Best-Ever-Gross' score in a Handi-Scram™ sanctioned event all 'Handicaps' for all teams are immediately re-calculated. Any player can be on any number of teams, each TEAM gets their own unique handicap, and any team can play in any contest.  A database records and maintains the identities of all players on all teams and all contest results.  Each player must have a valid EMail address, as these are guaranteed to be distinct.  The EMail address is used to uniquely identify players and team membership.  Most people have them, but if you don't, you can get one for free at 'www.Hotmail.com' or 'www.Yahoo.com' or Handi-Scram™ will provide a substitute (also free!).  Team's 'Handicap's as well as the 'Best-Ever-Gross' score are always available for review at;



  This simple procedure produces a uniform standard whereby any team can compete fairly with any other team anywhere in the nation.  There are no age or gender restrictions on team make-up, any combination is allowed.  Friends, families, neighbors, merchants and clients can form teams and be fully competitive and there is no cost to join or to maintain the team handicaps.  Once a team is enrolled everything is automatic, there is nothing more the participants need to do.  Teams can be composed of men, women, boys, and girls in any combination and all will have fun knowing they are playing on a level field!

There are two categories of 'Teams' and 'Handi-Scram™ Events':

  1. Two Player Teams/Events
  2. Four Player Teams/Events

In 2012 all 'Handi-Scram™ Events' at Derryfield CC will be 'Two Player' Team Events.

Anyone can be on any number of either without restriction.
Handi-Scram™ Where the 'Team' is Supreme!!!

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