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Handi-Scram™ News - January 14, 2015
Sponsorship for Handi-Scram™ is being pursued; when successful contest dates and locations will be posted locations here - check back often !

Handi-Scram™  events are open to all - teams can be composed of any mix of age/gender.  Both team members tee-off then play next shot from best position. This continues all the way into the hole - both players hit every shot from best of last two shots. No requirement to use either players tee shot a minimum number of times.  Record only one score per hole.  Prizes awarded by 'Net Score' i.e. Gross Score less 90% Team handicap. Ties will be resolved by matching cards and/or chip-off.

ITEM: Handi-Scram™ team handicaps are set as follows:

- Scores for all teams that have played in previous Handi-Scram™ tournaments have been maintained in a data base and their handicap will be the average difference between their gross scores and the best gross recorded by any team in any Handi-Scram™ tournament - see 'Team Info' for full data on all previously participating teams.

Teams playing in their first Handi-Scram™ tournament will be assigned handicaps as follows:
- If both team members have GHIN handicaps the Initial Handi-Scram™ team handicap will be one third of the average of the two players' GHIN handicaps.
- If only one of the team members has a GHIN handicap the Initial Handi-Scram™ team handicap will be one third of the GHIN player's handicap.
- If neither of the team members have a GHIN handicaps the Initial Handi-Scram™ team handicap is scratch (i.e. 0)

For more info visit 'Overview'.

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Handi-Scram™ is the fun golf tournament for everyone! Two player Team scrambles with handicap.
Teams can be any mix of ages, genders, and skills - with the Handi-Scram™ Handicapping system all will be competitive. All rankings are by 'Net' score - 'Gross' score plus 90% Handicap adjustment.  A  team's handicap is the average of its last three scores compared to the best score recorded by any team in any Handi-Scram™ Event. Their finish - compared to the best score ever achieved by any team in any Handi-Scram™ event - results in a revised team Handicap.  All Handi-Scram™ team handicaps are re-computed and posted on-line after every Handi-Scram™ Event. Any player can be a member of any team and any team can play in any contest. A database records and maintains the identities of all players on all teams and all contest results.  Only thing needed to participate is 'Name' and 'EMail Address' of both players making up a team.

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